Born 2 years ago, the hemp market needed a brand that could stand out and become a reference point for distributors and companies that want a reliable supplier.

This is why we created Weedbase, a farm that produces in Sanremo the best inflorescences with a level of THC <0.2% and  now we sell throughout Europe.

The history and goal of our company starts from the market that needs raw material but that comes up against problems such as quality, price and intermediaries.

The strength of Weedbase lies in the cultivation and direct supply of inflorescences, biomass and CBD oil without intermediaries.

The quality of our products stands out both for the organic cultivation method in greenhouse, and for the place where we grow.

Sanremo, known all over the world as the city of flowers, offers a perfect micro-climate for cultivation.

In fact, water and sun are the only ingredients needed.

That’s all we do, and we do it right. Our farm focuses on the cultivation of inflorescences and biomass for the extraction of CBD oil.

By focusing on this, as a result, we had unsurpassed quantity and quality.

Weedbase has as its objective, being the direct supplier for large distribution and stores.

But that’s not all, Weedbase is also a brand, in fact we sell our inflorescences both as a bagged product for retail stores, both as a bulk product, for wholesalers and distributors.

Always talking about inflorescences, we have 6 different qualities, all with their own characteristics, both in taste and from the aesthetic point of view.

Un’azienda agricola made in Italy che coltiva nella città dei fiori, Sanremo.